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  Hybrid Solar
  Boat on Ganga

Non-polluting, environment friendly, noiseless cruise between Rajghat and Assi Ghat for a panoramic view of the magnificent ghats on the bank of Ganges

SSSPL (An MoU has been signed between SSSPL and Govt of Uttar Pradesh in Feb, 2018)



  Floating Hotel

A latest art of the technology, pollution free 50 room 5-star Floating Hotel on Ganges to spend leisure time in tranquility in the spiritual Kashi.

PROLUSION BV, Engineering Consultants, Netherlands and esteemed cos. from Varanasi (An MoU has been signed between SSSPL and Govt of Uttar Pradesh in Feb, 2018)



Kashika Convention Cum Cultural Centre

A space and infrastructure in about 10 acres in Varanasi to showcase its art, culture, music, folk dance and delicious traditional cuisine with a convention hall of 2000 seating capacity and exhibition halls.

Vishala Ahemadabad (An MoU has been signed between SSSPL and Govt of Uttar Pradesh in Feb, 2018)



Bathymetric Surveys in National Waterways

To provide a solution for economical bathymetric surveys of the 110 National Waterways declared by Govt of India to give data on water depths along the river for smooth navigation

Haixing HE, France

    Haixing HE


Conversion of agricultural waste in to construction material and energy

The current adverse effects of Parali burning to the environment in north India can be stopped by setting up of a plant to convert the Parali in to non-flammable bricks to be used in buildings.

Tomas Llorente Aguado , Madrid, Spain.



Converting polluted air in to Pure Air in open areas

To tackle the polluted air by converting it in to Pure Air in open areas of organizations, industries, hotels, townships and cities

Devic Earth Pvt Ltd, Bengalulru

Varanasi, Delhi and any other city


Converting small size country boats in to sustainable energy driven boats

The environment at the Ghats of Varanasi is polluted by hundreds of local Boats which run with 1-5 HP diesel motors. With the help of technology provided by Oceanvolt, it is proposed to convert/replace such boats by Solar/battery driven technology.

Oceanvolt, Kolkatta The Co. provides power and propulsion systems in partnership with many top monohull and multihull designers and builders. Oceanvolt electric motors deliver significantly more torque than any comparable diesel engine.



Use of Drones in agriculture and security (Technology by Anra Technology)

  Drone based surveys in the infrastructure, agriculture and
  security sectors.

Anra Technologies, Noida
Anra provides a low-cost cloud-based platform used for
enabling sensor data acquisition and dissemination..



  IOT solutions

Enabling our customers to build new business models and
realizes the possibilities of the Internet of Things. The connectivity solutions enable companies to dramatically simplify the creation, deployment, and management of IoT projects by reducing time.

INTRINSIC SOLUTIONS is a Bangalore-based, leading IoT solution provider of optimized & end-to-end solutions to business organizations, Technology companies, Defence organizations, Government agencies, R&D establishments through secure data access and management solutions for Internet of Things (IoT)

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