Hybrid Solar Boat Operation on river Ganga

Varanasi, on National Waterways No 1 (Ganga) is very strategically located. It is very well connected through road, rail, air and waterways. The city itself is a hub for Indian and foreign tourists being an ancient place and well known religious and cultural centre. With its hinterland of eastern and central India, it has large commercial activity and therefore provides huge opportunity of growth in the inland waterways transport sector for goods and passengers as well in most economic and environment friendly manner.

Ganga River and ghats in Varanasi have always been an attraction for the tourists pouring in the city. The journey between Rajghat and Ram Nagar, on the boat (Vessel) in the river, covering all important ghats of Varanasi on Ganga, like Dashaswamedh ghat, Assi ghat, Harishchandra ghat, Kedar ghat etc provide the best view from the river side. The voyage on Boat/Vessel provides a panoramic view of all the ghats in the city. The project will cater to a big chunk of foreign tourists, as well as Indian pilgrims. The tours can be organized in a thoughtful manner so that it becomes enjoyable to all the tourists.
The Co proposes to acquire suitable environment friendly boats of 70-75 passenger capacity and create appropriate infrastructure with trained manpower the run regular sight (Ghats) seeing tours between Rajghat and Ram Nagar. The Vessel will be flat bottom suitable to move in 0.6 meter LAD (Least Available Depth) river route.
This will need appropriate Jetty or boarding facility, adjustable with height of water, at the ghats suitable for all the seasons.
Similar Projects are proposed to be taken up in the major cities along National Waterway #1

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